Wed,Apr 23,2014

Right-leaning Japan becomes Washington's liability in Asia-Pacific

President Barack Obama, priding himself on being "America's first Pacific President," starts his four-nation Asia tour in Japan late Wednesday, aiming to consolidate Washington's long-promised engagement with the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

Philippines apologizes for 2010 Manila hostage crisis

The Philippine government expressed its most sorrowful regret and profound sympathy, and extended its most sincere condolences for the pain and suffering of the victims and their families in the bus hostage crisis that happened in Manila in August 2010.

Code phrases to lessen risk of collisions leading to conflict

The Code For Unplanned Encounters at Sea provides simple instructions to be translated into regional languages that navies can use when they come across ships from other countries.

Death toll rises to 150 in sunken S.Korean ferry disaster

Death toll from a sunken South Korean ferry rose to 150 on Wednesday as hundreds of divers speed up the grim task of recovering bodies from the submerged vessel.

Rare earth ruling won't stop China from protecting environment

China will spare no efforts in appealing WTO rare earth ruling, but whatever the result, China's policy of protecting its resources and its environment is not going to change.

Why are America's Asia-Pacific allies uneasy?

America's Asia-Pacific "rebalancing strategy" represents the application of a 19th century method to solve the 21st century's problems, and it is doomed to failure.








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